GENESIS I G80 Letter Opener

Letter opener to GENESIS New G80 customers. Looking at the lifestyle of owners of G80, they show

attitudes and behaviors with dignity, prestige and formal fashions. Letter operner to go with GENESIS,

Letter opener with formal luxury. They will be the finest setter for dignity.


From the GENESIS concept car Essentia to the recently launched G80 & GV80, there is a quad lamp

as the identity of GENESIS. We applied this GENESIS identity to the edge of the pen by making the

difference between glossy and matte.

It was intended to be able to perform the function of the letter opener in four directions by sharpening

the edges up and down in the form of an oval. This concept metaphorically reminiscent of GENESIS’

quad lamp.

Letter openers are also suitable for the lifestyle of a formal and dignified Genesis owner, such as

pens and pen holders.

GENESIS Letter Opener in GENESIS G80 Welcome Kit Package.

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