Since 2012, Approximately 150 cases of design projects.

GROOM DESIGN have been carrying out projects of more than

15 years, including various companies. We also have experience

of various national and international award like

IF, Reddot, GD, Korea Design award and Public design.


2019     IF design award – Product “DENTIUM ICT”

2018     IF design award – Product

2017     IF design award – Product

2016     Reddot design award – Product “BONTOY”

2015     Good design award (GD) “KELIM”

2014     Good design award (GD)

2014     IF design award – Product

2013     Reddot design award – Product

2012     IF design award – Product

2012     Good design award (GD)

Fix the wrong thing

Design to fix the wrong thing. A design that makes ordinary

things worthwhile. Design that specializes in products that

do not require specialists.

The beauty of eliminating unnecessary elements

If anything is not helpful to the product, delete it drastically.
I do not design unnecessary and uncomfortable people.

Everything has a reason

Everything that comes to shape must have reason to be

made. Otherwise, it can be an unnecessary and inconvenient

design. Branding and products should be close.

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