GENESIS I G80 Eternal Pen & Pen Holder

Eternal pen & Pen holder to GENESIS New G80 customers. Looking at the lifestyle of owners of G80,

they show attitudes and behaviors with dignity, prestige and formal fashions. Eternal pen & Pen holder

to go with GENESIS, Eternal pen & Pen holder with formal luxury. They will be the finest setter for dignity.

It is an inkless pen made of metal pen tip. Since it is an ink-less pen, the side of the pen is long and

the edge portion of the pen is made glossy, so it adds a sense of quality. And this pen holder is a

design that reminds me of a fountain pen and ink bottle lying together.


‘It is not environmentally friendly but is essential In the meantime, if consumption that thinks about

environment is ‘good thing’, it has come to an age of philosophy that must be selected to survive now.

By minimizing the consumption of disposable products and providing products that can be used

semi-permanently. We propose a lifestyle of leader that leads the times of the essential environment.

As a leader’s pen which shows action by leading social issues, I designed it with metal sticks and

metal tips. As a result of various sketches, the result was a design that applied a shiny edge up

and down to symbolize the GENESIS quadlamp on a metal stick with long holes because no ink

was needed.


From the GENESIS concept car Essentia to the recently launched G80 & GV80, there is a quad lamp

as the identity of GENESIS. We applied this GENESIS identity to the edge of the pen by making the

difference between glossy and matte.

The formality and dignity felt in the images of fountain pens and ink bottle. GENESIS pen holder

was designed to suit that sensibility.The material of the pen holder was to apply black aluminum

at the top and copper at the bottom to directly reveal the identity of GENESIS.

GENESIS Eternal Pen & Pen Holder in GENESIS G80 Welcome Kit Package.

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