The appearance of a pot containing several plants rather than a single plant has a very complicated

structure. The complex structure was wrapped using a cover and designed simply. The modular

design makes the product look as high as the user wants.

You can put three plants on each floor and have a richer appearance by building them in different

shapes. Eco Tree can accommodate plants in multiple angles, regardless of where they are placed

in the living room of an office or home.

Under the pot that can be planted with three plants, a water hole protrudes, and it is structured to be

piled up with the upper hole. There is a large hole in the center of the pot, so you can put the metal

support and the water hose.There is a water path inside the pot, so water may flow from top to bottom.

Equipped with an automatic irrigation system, the relative humidity increase effect is high. It is

capable of 360° viewing, and it is possible to place many plants in a small area, enabling efficient

space utilization. It is convenient to move and does not require a separate construction.

You can stack plants by adjusting the 4,5, and 6 levels as you want.

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