DIBAMBI I Bontoy friendmal

Dibambi(efolium) Bontoy freindimal. A whale with a round body form that portraits a human baby.

Adopting of a whale’s movement as a design element. Whale’s tale movement and spraying action is

translated into a design.

Unlike one might expect from their big body, whales mostly live from eating plankton and small fish,
and have a very gentle character. As whales live far out in the sea, it is diffcult for children to experience
what these wonderful animals are like.

We hope that by playing with BONTOY Friendimal, children can make a bond with these wonderful animals
from an early age.

By stimulating their curiosity, children will want to learn more about their animal friends and grow to
understand the importance of whales and all living creatures on our earth..

If children feel familiar with animals and think of them as friends since childhood,
they have designed the same with the expectation that they will become
warm hearted people as they grow up.

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