BAOBAB I Smart umbrella

Designed smart umbrella targeting the UK. It is a product that helps the comfortable life and smart living in England where the geographical rain is frequent and dark weather is everyday.

Basically, it acts as an umbrella, and the removable handle can perform both the role of the auxiliary battery and the role of the hand stove and the light.

We led the whole product through the design language of classic and smart.

The fabric of the umbrella was also designed by borrowing a pattern of a classic, but not so-called suit.

By using aluminum materials, we wanted to bring about a combination of materials that are easy to heat transfer

and sustainable. We wanted to keep the design of the traditional J-shape to contain the smartness and classicalness.

By studying and experimenting with various attachment and detachment methods, we wanted to provide optimum stability and intuitive usability. We also wanted to provide more intuitive usability and stability in the usability of the product.

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