Vibration therapy system

Highly suitable for the old, patient, disabled, injured, and obese not to mention ladies. Physiological effect likes stomach disorder, vocalization

trouble, hyperventilation, oxygen consumption increase, pulse increase subjective symptom doubles up in case of combined vibration.

Physical effect severe physical resonance; vibration causes car driver or else to feel pressure, acute pain, and even fear and chill occasionally.

Local vibration causes circulation problem in the peripheral blood vessel vibration system provides beneficial vibrations to human health.

It can be applied to wider spectrum of the healthcare industry, including fitness, aesthetic, athlete, silver,

and medical assistance (rehabilitation, physical therapeutics, and so on).

Vibrating intensity and frequency can be controlled and adjusted according to user’s physical condition, which can help prevent the body

from being overloaded. beneficial effects of exercise -muscle strength increase . Bone mineral density increase. flow and circulation

improvement. posture and balance control improvement testosterone and growth hormone increase.

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