KERIM I Kitchen faucet

Kelim’s new masters of the kitchen are attractive, versatile helpers – they come equipped with hand sprays, various rotate types or divide functions.

for kitchens: convenient water control at the push of a button. The “rotate” handle makes working at the sink even easier. Function switching button.

Injection rubber black mold, Artwork(pipe handle motive).

The product is designed pipe section shape. Minimalize & modern that inspired from “cactus branch” design.

Harmonious with kitchen environment. High glossy chrome material application.

“Centrepiece” New modeling and unprecedented functionality to the existing. Closed Faucet representation that the role of the kitchen has been completed.

Centrepiece faucet also plays the role of as an object that determines. Not only the role of as an object if you will be using the Centrepiece faucet,

Is transformed into a practical tool that can cope with various situations the atmosphere of the kitchen.

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